The West Side Kollel is unique in New York. Under the stewardship of the Rosh HaKollel, Rav Don Blumberg, the Kollel serves as a center for Torah Leshma and as a vehicle for outreach. Jews with little background can begin to explore their Judaism while the advanced learner can expand his knowledge through Shiurim and chavrusah study. It is where we learn Torah as individuals, where we gather in groups for nightly and weekly shiurim and where we convene as a Kehilla to prepare for the Yomim Tovim. The Kollel has earned a national reputation as a citadel of Harbotzas HaTorah with such programs as its well acclaimed Yarchei Kallah series.
Addressing the West Side community's religious, spiritual & educational needs

Ever increasing levels of participation in the Kollel's programs testify to its success in addressing the West Side community's religious, spiritual and educational needs. The Kollel attracts hundreds of people each week, many who frequent the Torah center on a daily basis.

Working with the Rosh Kollel is the Sgan Rosh Kollel, Rabbi Mordechai Prager, who is especially active in guiding individuals in their commitment to Torah. The Chavrei HaKollel, each of whom is an accomplished Talmid Chochom, give classes and learn b'chavrusah with members of the community in addition to engaging in research and study at the highest level.

Constantly seeking innovative ways to broaden and deepen its service to the Kollel community on the West Side, there is no doubt the Kollel has a tremendous impact on the community. Many in the community have grown close to the Kollel's Rabbis, and appreciate it not only as an educational institution but as a source of inspiration and enrichment they cannot find anywhere else.
The Kollel has been an anchor of my life for the past 20 years. The daily seder with my Chavrussa R' Nosson Pinsky, the personal relationship with the Rosh Kollel and Kollel members, wide variety of Shiurim and yje other facets of Kollel life have resulted in an intellectual challenge and a religious grounding that is simply irreplaceable.
Henry Gross
The Kollel is an oasis of Torah in Manhattan.
Yechiel Rubin
The West Side Kollel is a mainstay of Torah and Yiddishkeit on the Upper West Side. Under the leadership of Rabbis Blumberg and Prager, the Kollel is home to a cadre of bona fide Talmedei Chachomim who excel in learning with both the advanced student and the beginner. Personally, we are very grateful to the Kollel for affording our boys the opportunity to study with the esteemed Kollel members in a warm and Torah filled environment.
Reuven Hellman